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ShakesBEERience Encore

Nearly seven years ago, Seven Stages Shakespeare Company started a series of Shakespeare-in-a-pub readings with Beer in One Hand, Script in the Other. I jumped in on the third reading – it was King Lear – and I’ve been eagerly participating ever since.

To celebrate the completion of their run through the canon in these seven seasons, 7 Stages has arranged a ShakesBEERience Encore: one play from each season, chosen by their audience!

This Sunday, June 9, from 10am till 7pm an ensemble of 23 ShakesBEERience veterans will perform all 7 chosen plays, one after the other!

I just printed my script:

the printed script for ShakesBEERience Encore
It is heavy.

That’s 159 pages of double-column Shakespeare.

I shan’t tell you which roles I’m playing (come and see!), but every actor is in every play (from lead roles to spear carriers).

The venue is the idyllic, heroic beer garden at the Throwback Brewery.

Tickets are going fast! I hope you’ll come & see what is surely going to be an epic undertaking.

All the details: ShakesBEERience Encore

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      Hello friends! Just want to be sure you’re aware that Ben & David Crystal’s is giving unlimited-access-to-all for 24 hours tomorrow (April 23rd) to celebrate Mr S’s birthday and also the 1 year anniversary of the site’s launch. If you aren’t a member of the site yet this is a great chance to check out all the features, from the basic (& yet amazing!) ability to look up a word in the glossary & the canon:

      looking up the word bodkin
      Word-lookup in action.

      all the way to the epically cool: character relationship diagrams for every play

      Thomas Cranmer on the Circles diagrom for Henry VIII
      I'm reading Cranmer. Where do I fit in all this? And who the heck is Doctor Butts?

      or the ability to pull your role (roll) out of the script by clicking on your character’s name!!

      the sides for Cranmer
      All I care about are my lines...

      They’ve also added a new Thesaurus where you can look up any word & see what words Shakespeare used in his plays to mean the same thing!

      There’s tons of other cool features on the site: each character by number of lines, lengths of acts & scenes, ability to download the Folio transcriptions as .DOC files, etc etc etc!

      Check it out: Free Access published on Mon, Apr 22, 2019 in: . Tags:

      Thank you for reading! Like my stuff?