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Status: Actor, Director, Playwright
Location: New England

See My Work!

For a sample of my work, here’s a ten-minute semi-mono-logue called Myth Play: Finality, excerpted from my drama Myth Play:

Note: Finality is a fairly intense piece of text & you’ll be staring at my very-close-to-camera face for 10 minutes! Feel free to stop watching at any time. :-)

A huge thanks to Tim Ahern who filmed & produced Finality. And special thanks to The Voices.

I also appear in a barely-feature-length film called Meat (2010, Sharps Films), and in a fairly awesome Vermont Lottery spot.


for Advice to the Players:

  • Artistic Director during ‘16 - ‘17 Seasons
  • Roles: Hamlet, Romeo, Brutus, Aguecheek, Lysander, etc – 11 seasons
  • Directed: Tempest, Hamlet, Richard III

for Seven Stages Shakespeare Company:

  • Roles: Viola* (What You Will, or Twelfth Night), Edgar / Poor Tom (LEAR), Clown (Winter’s Tale), Hamlet Players ensemble, and a great many ShakesBEERiences (and very proud of it, indeed!) – 8 seasons
  • Directed: Taming of the Shrew

for The Barnstormers Theatre:

  • Roles: horses, ag├ęd waiters, secret klansmen, silent visitors, murderers, dead bodies, police constables… – 8 seasons

for New Art Theatre:

  • Roles: Teiresias, Mercutio, Horatio, lots of E. A. Poe


  • Manus, Translations by Brian Friel, Theatre KAPOW
  • Flute, Dreame at Ucheldre Center with Ben Crystal
  • Edmund Tyrone, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Threshold Stage Company
  • Dead Body**, The Real Inspector Hound, Publick Theatre Boston

* Nominated for a Spotlight Award for Best Actor
** for an hour-and-a-half, curtain up to curtain down, through intermission…


Myth Play: Finality Corin Codispoti/Ahern
Meat Mark Sharps Films
Vermont Lottery, "The Dude" The Dude Nomad Pictures
picture of me playing Pericles
as Pericles with 7 Stages Shx, photo: Ben Kramer
picture of me playing Hamlet
Hamlet with ATTP, photo: Monika O'Clair Photography
a picture of a marked-up page of script
my scroll for King John
picture of me playing Mercutio
as Mercutio, photo: Duane Dale Photography
picture of me playing Mercutio
as Viola-as-Cesario, photo: Matt Lavigne Photography
picture of me taking a stick for a walk
taking the stick for a walk, photo: Matt Reznek

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