Richard II Fundraising

TL;DR - Help pay actors so we can put on a quality show with no financial barrier to entry. Most of the actors I work with have other jobs. Many of us cobble together a living from various work inside and outside the arts. Some of us don’t need to be paid to create theatre because of other work. But regardless of individual need, when I put together a show I aspire to pay actors for the hours they work.
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No noyse, but silence — A Benefit Performance of Titus Andronicus

This Thursday night, April 9th, starting at 8pm Eastern time, I will be performing William Shakespeare’s The Lamentable Tragedy of Titus Andronicus. In my living room. All of the parts will be played by me. I will perform with all the skill & energy available to me. I will most likely be wearing pants. (Who’s to know?) This is one night only. There will be no broadcast. There will be no recording for posterity.
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ShakesBEERience Encore

Nearly seven years ago, Seven Stages Shakespeare Company started a series of Shakespeare-in-a-pub readings with Beer in One Hand, Script in the Other. I jumped in on the third reading – it was King Lear – and I’ve been eagerly participating ever since. To celebrate the completion of their run through the canon in these seven seasons, 7 Stages has arranged a ShakesBEERience Encore: one play from each season, chosen by their audience!
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Hello friends! Just want to be sure you’re aware that Ben & David Crystal’s is giving unlimited-access-to-all for 24 hours tomorrow (April 23rd) to celebrate Mr S’s birthday and also the 1 year anniversary of the site’s launch. If you aren’t a member of the site yet this is a great chance to check out all the features, from the basic (& yet amazing!) ability to look up a word in the glossary & the canon:
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