Titus Andronicus

This Thursday night, April 9th, starting at 8pm Eastern time, I will be performing William Shakespeare’s The Lamentable Tragedy of Titus Andronicus. In my living room.

All of the parts will be played by me. I will perform with all the skill & energy available to me. I will most likely be wearing pants. (Who’s to know?)

This is one night only. There will be no broadcast. There will be no recording for posterity. This is a theatre performance, and like all theatre, it is ephemeral. It happens only once in the very specific way that it will happen. And then it is gone.

This is a benefit performance, to benefit three very worthy NH-based theatres during these troubled times (see below)!

All NONE are welcome to attend, because I am practicing physical distancing & self-quarantine… BUT…

Here are some suggestions as to how to experience this performance:

  • sit quietly wherever you are & think about the fact that this performance is taking place
  • listen very carefully; I know how to project – perhaps you’ll hear me?
  • read along in your favourite copy of Titus Andronicus
  • do something unrelated to this performance… and buy a ticket nonetheless

Refreshments will be served if you choose to serve yourself some refreshments. I encourage it! Pour yourself a drink, have a snack, sit back & relax. Or if your timezone allows, perhaps it will be a dinner theatre! If your timezone allows in the other direction, perhaps it will be a tea theatre! The possibilities are endless.


In lieu of purchasing a ticket, please donate to one (or more!) of these fine New Hampshire-based theatres, all of which are worthy of your support & generosity during these difficult times:

Note that all tickets are for obstructed view seats. Also obstructed hearing. But the seats are of surpassing comfort, as you get to choose to sit in whatever seat you have available to sit in! And what could be more comfortable than the seat of your own, which you chose yourself?

Please do consider donating – we will need these theatres in the future, and we can help them to be there when we do!

What next?

If this performance is well received, this will become a series! I will perform the works of William Shakespeare, and perhaps other plays, on a roughly weekly basis, as long as it seems wise to continue to do so!


I’m a theatre artist. I am most comfortable performing live, in the room, where the vibrations from my voice & breathing & movement move through the air & hit your ears & eyeballs.

We can no longer gather in rooms together – for a time.

But I have a room. And you are somewhere in this world. And vibrations travel through it. And I will do my thing in my room, and you will do your thing in yours. Will the vibrations travel? I don’t know. Will it be theatre? I don’t know.

In any case, my intent is to give it my all on the night.

Because that’s what I like to do!

Also I hope that you’ll donate to the theatres listed above!

Interested in something else?

If you’re thirsty for more quarantine-time performances, please do check out Shakespeare Happy Hours, co-produced by my friends at Seven Stages Shakespeare and Rude Grooms.