The Shakespeare Ensemble is trying something different. Today I saw the dress rehearsal for What You Will, a “virtual site-specific adventure across the globe”, which is playing live three times this Saturday, August 8th, and will soon be made available for archival streaming as well. I am doing administration & behind-the-scenes work on this production, but today was the first time I got to see anything from the artistic side of the project.

It’s my view that under lockdown restrictions theatre has not been happening & in fact cannot happen. As much fun as it may be, and as much as it has provided a sorely needed arena for theatre practitioners to exercise their creative skills, “Zoom theatre” is not theatre.

What You Will isn’t theatre either. But it approaches the question of what theatre workers can do with their skills under lockdown conditions from a different angle. Rather than trying to capture the sense of ensemble by communicating through video & audio – a task which it turns out is incredibly difficult for biological and psychological reasons – this project