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Old Songs

a picture of the spine of Old Songs in a stack of books, with clover and a toadstool in the background
  • What: A book of 48 poems.
  • Where: print-on-demand hardcover from
  • Price: $20.00
    • Cost to You: $20.00
    • Printing Cost: $13.85
    • Lulu’s cut: $1.23
    • Profit for Author: $4.92
  • Note: Do a web search for coupon before you buy! You can often get big discounts and/or free shipping.

A sampling of the poems:


a beautiful big dog
is playing with squirrels
approaching slow
like a cat
looking them in the eye

like a gunslinger


daylight — any particular time
wondering how it should be
to look and see
the reflected light of a star
and call it illumination
hitting trees and bouncing off
their skins, which i call bark
and telling me that this
time, with the sun shining
behind them they are what
is known as black
shadow shapes playing in the wind


sometimes when a wind comes up
lifting the leaves against each other
shifting silverly
it feels as if the surface
of the earth is shifting
layers — once adamantly fixed
shifting, shifting
sky sliding on earth with wind in between
and me, helpless before
this shuffling of the land

i might fall off
go slipping, sliding, endlessly,
if the balance shifted
only slightly

where would i find myself?
in the sky?
beneath the earth?
all the same when the wind blows

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